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Founder Alexandra Aarati Spadea

Finding Your Home Interior Style
At SpadeaSpace, we aim to create spaces that reflect you in all your moods and desires. We work closely with you to design a space where comfort, playfulness, inspiration and efficiency go hand in hand.

Eclectic Lifestyle Interiors
We bring together seemingly opposite elements in a playful and unexpected combination. Consider a tasteful combination of ethnic fabrics and artefacts with modern western textile. What about mixing urban elements in harmony with natural treasures. We balance sophistication with simplicity and make elegance down-to-earth rustic.

We strongly believe in the rhythm between focus and relaxation, stillness and movement.

Green Design
The growing 'green interiors market' provides wonderful choices for clients. Have you experienced recyled glass tiles or chemical-free mattresses and bedding? We have, and it's worth discovering. We look forward to sharing it with you.

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photography credit: Günther Ruschel